Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kabuki-age, Japanese crispy fried rice cookie.

Have you been eaten Japanese rice cookie? Rice cookie has so many kinds. One of it is broiled and flavored salt. Other one is flavored curry.
In this time, I introduce the Japanese traditional rice cookie which is fried and flavored tasty soy sauce.

It named Kabuki-age. "Kabuki" means Japanese Traditional dance-drama. "Age" means "fried". Do you know that?
It is very crispy, because it is fried quite. In US, there is not some cookies like this. And then, of course, it is made by Japanese rice. It is flavored delicious soy sauce.

The Kabuki-age with Mayonnaise and Heineken is very delicious combination.

you can eat it in many scenes. When you drink beer while you watch TV show, when you enjoy a party with your friends, and more.

If you think that you can get it in US or other country, it is wrong! Nobody noticed the good taste. It's time to buy and try it!

We will ship it to you immediately, after we receive your order.

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